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Bodhi Eshin Coffee Blends

In Italy the cappuccino is one third coffee and two thirds milk and it’s served warm. In Australia the cappuccino is 35-40ml coffee and the rest of the cup filled with creamy frothed milk at around 60-65 degrees. Finally it’s topped with a chocolate dusting. Yum!

Caffe Latte
A latte is prepared with one third true espresso and two-thirds steamed milk with a thin layer of foamed milk on the top.

Long Black
The long black is made by pulling a double-shot of espresso over hot water. The order in which a long black is made with water first then espresso second, is important because reversing the steps will destroy the crema and often burn the espresso.

Long Macchiato
A long macchiato is a double espresso (60ml) served in a glass with a dollop of foam and a teaspoon of hot or cold milk. A long macchiato is served in a 220ml glass.

Short Macchiato
A short macchiato is a 30ml shot of espresso with a teaspoon of hot steamed milk and dollop of micro foam. A short macchiato is served in a 90ml glass.

A double pour of espresso served in a tall glass, topped with whipped cream and dusted with chocolate powder.

A double strength pour espresso using double the amount of coffee, with approximately 50-60ml of water.

Flat White
Generally made with espresso and steamed milk. The volumised milk is prepared by folding the top layer into the lower layers so the resulting drink has only a very thin layer of froth at the top.

Espresso/Short Black
The espresso is a favourite with the Italians and fast becoming a favourite among hard-core coffee drinkers in Australia. This beverage consists of one shot, 30ml-35ml of coffee served in a pre-heated small cup. The surface should present a thick, golden crema.

A short espresso pull. The amount of espresso is smaller than a usual shot but it is more concentrated.

Chai Latte
A hot beverage made from spiced black tea, milk and a secret blend of exotic ingredients.

Menu options
Milk options

  • Full Cream
  • MILKLAB Skim
  • MILKLAB Coconut
  • MILKLAB Almond
  • MILKLAB Macadamia
  • MILKLAB Lactose Free


  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Spiced Chai

Cup sizes

  • Short black (4oz)
  • Regular (8oz)
  • Medium (12oz)